No need to panic, be prepared to deal with the coronavirus: Uddhav Thackeray

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra Prime Minister on Thursday asked people not to panic about the outbreak and assured them that the state was prepared to face the situation.

Speaking in it, he said: With total responsibility, I want to say that people are asked not to be scared of the coronavirus issue.

I want to appeal to people who don't panic because of this, we had also addressed swine flu before in the state. Simply stick to the precautionary warning issued by the government, he added.

On the accusations of the opposition that the government has not initiated enough measures to confront the Coronavirus, he said: I want to say that our administration is strong and has made good arrangements to deal with this situation.

Thackeray said he was conducting a daily review meeting with the health department and closely monitoring the situation.

Before we had only one center for the test in Pune NIV, now this has increased to Nagpur and Pune, so now we have three of those centers in Maharashtra, he said.

We have also requested private hospitals to make isolation rooms for coronavirus patients and be prepared, he said.

He said the international airport has taken enough measures. We are reviewing each and every traveler that comes from abroad. We have also informed all employees at airports about the measures that must be taken to prevent the spread of the disease, Thackeray added.

Before Holi, I want to ask people to limit their celebration of Holi and avoid being part of the meetings, he said.