Riythvika's response to trolls evokes mixed reactions.

Riythvika recently hit back at a netizen when he trolled her. Riythvika had posted a picture of her after a workout and had captioned it, If nothing changes, nothing changes. When our mindset changes, everything can change #blackandwhite.

That's when one of the netizens had commented that Riythvika had no films. Riythvika, who got angry with the comment, showed the middle finger and asked the fan to get out. While some appreciated the actor for hitting back at trolls , many others were enraged with his reaction.


Some came immediately to the support of the actor: Look, we all have our own works and our lives! We come to social networks just to relax from our real work, if you like their publications, otherwise skip it, why? Do they make fun unnecessarily? They have their own commitments that we don't know! Make others happy if you don't hurt others!

Amaithiya Irukkavanga Paesa Kudatha ... everyone will get angry ... Understand that ... This is your ur ... she can post ... if you don't like to stop following. but don't get hurt ...

avenga life ellam nalla than iruku. Unga velaya parunga bro apo that unga life nalla irukum.avenga life ellam nalla que iruku. Unga velaya parunga bro apo that unga life nalla irukum.

Some others responded to the actor

Grand chief LA onnum theryadha maari title panoramic winner IPA enna sis ipdilam weregitinga ... APA adhu poiya. .big boss LA onnum theryadha maari title victory panoramic IPA enna sis ipdilam weregitinga ... APA adhu poiya.

don't lose your temper social media & change your character.don't lose your temper on social media & change your character."

I'm sorry! But he said nothing wrong, do I mean that offensive thing? But your answer is very bad! Are you an actress? Do you know these things well? You take it? I really feel so bad when I see this comment of yours