The 57-year-old Fahadh look in 'Malik' is inspired by his grandfather

Fahadh Faasil seems to keep surprising his audience! After being surprised by his transformation from a discreetly motivated speaker to an extravagant healer of faith in Trance , the look of the star of Malik as a melancholic 57 year old already has many delusions.

The political thriller, directed by Take off filmmaker Mahesh Narayanan , has Fahadh playing Sulaiman, a leader of a coastal community, from the age of 20 to 57, with the focus being on four phases of his life.

On Fahadh’s transformation for the movie, Mahesh tells us, “He was actively involved in Trance and Malik, because both of them had him playing character-driven roles. While in Trance, it was more about internal transformation, in Malik, he had to show the changes in way of his how he looked. It was the first time he was playing a character that is not his age, and he had a few apprehensions about that and was tense about how it would turn out. ”

Incidentally, Fahadh had a lot of inputs on arriving at the get-up of the character in his 50s. “We had experimented with different looks for him to play the elder get-up of Sulaiman and we took our time to finalize it. We have now used bits of how Fahadh’s grandfather had looked. His grandfather had passed away when he was young, but he had referred to a few of his old photos and videos that were shot by Fazil sir to come up with the look, ”explains Mahesh, who is also the film’s scriptwriter and editor.

The biggest challenge for Fahadh though were the younger portions, particularly because he had to lose weight to look the part, says the director. “He shed close to 20 kilos to play those portions. The other challenge was that we didn’t shoot the portions chronologically. We shot the entire thing in reverse; we started with the elder portions and then went to the younger. I think it was difficult for all the actors involved, ”says the filmmaker.

With the film that revolves around a coastal community and its resistance against the threat of displacement, most parts were filmed in coastal regions. “We have filmed in several parts of the south coast from Thiruvananthapuram to Colachel in Kanyakumari. In addition to that, we filmed some portions in Lakshadweep and erected a massive set in Kalamassery, Kochi, where we could show the differences in history on the set, since it covers from the 60s to the present, he explains, and adds that the team now He is busy with postproduction.