Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Update March 4: Jethalal Holi turns out to be expensive

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah , Nattu kaka & Bagha tell Jethalal they will wind up the work. The two feel sad as they didn't earn much during the day. Jethalal asks them not to lose heart. Just then, a customer walks in & purchases a mobile from them.

After they leave, Nattu kaka complains to Jethalal that he sold the phone without any profit. Jethalal tells them cash should keep moving & sometimes things are done to earn the goodwill of their customers. He asks Nattu kaka & Bagha to come up with something to increase their profits.

Bagha tells Jethalal they are planning to give free pichkaris to their customers. The latter approves of his scheme. Later, Jethalal is seen with his friends. They all talk about 'mandi' (slow business). Iyer suggests that Jethalal should go to his village. This irks the latter & he asks Iyer to come along with him.

They discuss how they live in difficult times where online marketing has taken over everything.

Elsewhere, Bapu Ji is seen with Tapu. He forcefully makes Tapu drink 'kadha'. And when Jethalal comes he is also asked to drink it. Jethalal gets restless as it's too bitter. He asks Bapu Ji to drink it as well but he doesn't & goes to his room hurriedly.

In the morning, Piyush Pichkari calls Jethalal & informs him that the delivery will reach him at 10 am. The latter gets upset with him for calling him at 7.30 in the morning. Piyush asks Jethalal if he'd receive his payment of Rs 5 lakh on the same day. This leaves Jethalal startled.

Piyush tells him Nattu kaka & Bagha ordered 5000 pichkaris. Jethalal asks Piyush to stop the delivery & tells him he will re-check the order. Since Nattu kaka & Bagha don't pick their calls, Jethalal decides to go to their place & clarify the confusion.