No songs, no fights in the next Vijay Suriya movie

There is nothing formulated in a television star turned into a film actor Vijay Suriya Next exit from the big screen. It is probably the state of mind I am in now that made me accept this movie. The subject explores the life of an IT boy and the changes he goes through with every important situation in his life. Personally, from a single person, to a married man last year, and becoming a father recently, I was able to relate to the metamorphosis of the protagonist's life and who stayed with me, ”shares Vijay, who in the middle of his television outings has been filming for an upcoming movie. Made by a team of newcomers, all working full time in the IT sector, the film still without a title is directed by Chethan Shetty and is being filmed in an IT company in Bellandur . “The highlight is that it is not your usual masala movie and avoid clichés, songs, dances and fights. The script is the biggest attraction of the movie, Vijay shares. But he has chosen to embed a massive element in this movie. The team had suggested another name for the character, but I asked if they could change it to Siddharth, the name of my Agnisakshi character; As people connect instantly, he tells us. In addition, sometimes I also handle the camera at work, because I love exploring and learning about the technical aspects of cinema . And after a long time, I feel a creative satisfaction on the sets ... I like how high he gives me, he stops.