Arundhati Nag returns to Marathi cinema after 40 years.

In 1979, a young man Arundhati Nag (then Arundhati Rao ), debuted on the big screen with the Marathi film June 22, 1897. But the veteran actress, a name known in the country's film and theater circuit, took 40 years to return to Marathi cinema . The award-winning Padma Shri will soon be seen in Mohit Takalkar ’s directorial debut, Medium Spicy, in a special appearance. Arundhati, who has acted in multiple languages and has been part of Hindi films like Dil Se and Paa as well, will play the role of Laxmi Tipnis in the Marathi film. “Coming back to Marathi cinema after 40 years feels good. It’s a complete circle and yet, I feel almost like starting afresh as a debutant. I have seen Mohit’s plays at Ranga Shankara , in Bangalore, and during one of the shows, he sat next to me and asked. Ru Aru Akka, I'm planning to direct a movie soon. There is a role that I would like you to do. Would you be part of that? Remember Arundhati, who is a compliment to his co-actor. Lalit Prabhakar . She adds: “They sent me the script and a description of the character, but the magic happened when I arrived on the set and read the lines with my co-actor, Lalit. I feel that he adapts to the role of the T and becomes his character effortlessly.

On his part, Mohit shares that the dynamic character of Laxmi could’ve only been pulled off by Arundhati. Mohit added, “I know her since the last 15-20 years and she is a multi-faceted performer. She willingly came on board and I am happy about that. Though she’s had a long break from Marathi cinema , Arundhati maintains a fluency in Marathi and the role was a cakewalk for her.”

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