PK Banerjee responds to treatment and can recognize people, doctors say

KOLKATA: Indian football legend Pradip Kumar Banerjee He is stable and responds to treatment, doctors who monitor his conditions at a city hospital said Wednesday.

The 83-year-old man still receives ventilation assistance, but maintains stable parameters, according to a medical bulletin issued by the Medica hospital where he has been under treatment since the beginning of last month.

Today, the team of treating consultants informed the family members and updated them with complete progress and the patient's condition, he said.

Later talking to reporters, Dr. Tanmay Banerjee He said that PK, as he is affectionately called, could recognize his family members.

From now on, its conditions can be described as stable. It maintains parameters and your blood pressure is under control. He is aware and answers calls. You can also recognize family members and others, said Dr. Banerjee, an internal medicine. specialist said.

However, the doctor ruled out any immediate plans to get the former Indian captain and coach out of ventilation.

He is suffering from pneumonia and is taking antibiotics. His conditions are stable since he was ventilated two days ago. The medical board will continue to monitor their conditions. But at this time, we have no plans to take out of the ventilation system, the doctor said.

PK was admitted to the hospital for complaining of respiratory problems due to pneumonia. He also has an underlying history of Parkinson Disease and dementia, as well as heart problems.

In addition to being a key member of the winning Indian squad of the Jakarta Asian Games in 1962, PK also represented the country in two Olympic Games. At the Melbourne Games in 1956, India finished fourth while leading the national team at the next Olympics in Rome.

The most successful coach in Indian club football, Fifa honored his contribution to the game with the Order of Centennial Merit in 2004.