Koilamma: Durga will learn the shocking secret of Chinni, also known as Kokila

Koilamma You surely know how to delight fans despite the change in their schedule. Time seems to be finally favoring Kokila, who is now pregnant. While Ramesh Chandra emotionally requests Manoj that Kokila Back to his home, Durga will come to know about Kokila’s secret.

In the upcoming episode, Durga will come to learn that Kokila is none other than Chinni. Durga, who is Chinni’s aunt, will decide to take revenge on Kokila for cheating on her all the while. It remains to be seen how Chinni aka Kokila will tackle the new threat from her aunt Durga.

For the unversed, Kokila aka Chinni is Manoj’s biological daughter but she is neglected by him right from childhood. Kokila becomes recently pregnant but due to the rift with husband Amar, she stays at Durga’s place.

Kokila featuring Sai Kiran Manas Texaswini Gowda, Sameer, Lahari and others became popular shortly after its release. The show has successfully completed more than 1000 episodes recently. Daily soap managed to secure a position in the 5 best shows for a long time until it was recently pushed to a new schedule along with the Gorintaku show. The channel that broadcast the program planned to accommodate some newly launched programs such as Intinti Gruhalakshmi and Chitti Thalli.