Coronavirus: PMO holds high-level review meeting

NEW DELHI: The Office of the Prime Minister held a high-level meeting on Wednesday to review preparedness and response and decided to adopt a pan-government approach in partnership with the states to further improve the effectiveness of the steps taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

The meeting, chaired by P. K Mishra, the chief secretary of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was the last in a series of balance sheet meetings at the PMO.

Today's meeting was attended by the cabinet secretary, the secretary of foreign affairs, the secretaries of the ministries of health, civil aviation, information and broadcasting, maritime transport, tourism, president (Authority of the airport of India), secretary (management of borders), MHA and senior officials of the defense forces, (NDMA), Niti Ayog and the Office of the Prime Minister.

The meeting thanked the proactive measures taken so far that have contained the spread of the virus in India, despite the large population and geographical proximity to the epicenter of the disease.

Members were informed about the two important changes introduced to further improve the level of preparation, namely universal control in all international airports and seaports through the use of thermal imaging equipment, as well as the mandatory filling of forms declaration of places visited by tourists and travelers Returning from abroad.

The Interior Ministry was commissioned to work closely with state governments, including relevant district administration officials, to ensure compliance with detection protocols at integrated checkpoints (ICPs) at our land borders.

The National Computing Center would provide the necessary support to the Immigration Office and MHA in this regard.

Decisions were also taken to quickly implement the opening of adequate testing, isolation and quarantine facilities in various parts of the country, up to the district level, in association with state governments.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had the task of working closely with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Human Resources Development and NDMA to disseminate information to the general public in a timely manner, including relevant warnings and do and not do .

The ministry of health has initiated a system of regular daily reports by its spokesperson, in order to guarantee access to real-time data for the public in a timely manner. The Ministry of Health is also coordinating the activation of a GIS mapping of disease hot spots and the availability of medical facilities, with NDMA, relevant agencies and government departments.