Coronavirus: BMC is urged to detect travelers at railway stations and toll stations

MUMBAI: Members of the standing committee of (BMC) urged the civic administration on Wednesday to evaluate travelers at railway stations and toll stations for COVID-19.

Expressing concern about the issue, members asked the civic administration to provide details on the steps taken to control the spread of the virus.

The BMC informed the standing committee that so far 62 people were quarantined in an isolation facility in and 400 people were being monitored according to Union government guidelines.

At present, only air travelers are being examined at Mumbai airport. However, since cases have also been reported in Delhi and other cities in the country, passengers should be examined at railway stations and toll stations, said Vishakha Raut, the house leader at BMC.

The chairman of the standing committee and Shiv Senaleader Yashwant Jadhav ordered the administration to verify the possibility of carrying out checks at railway stations and toll stations.