FIH says there is not yet a threat of coronavirus for the Pro League, the Indian team monitors hygiene

NEW DELHI: the list of sporting events that succumb to the coronavirus outbreak It continues to grow, keeping athletes from around the world on the edge of their seats in the year of the Olympic Games. The international Hockey Federation ( FIH ) is also attentive, with the continuum Pro league The round-trip format requires teams to travel a lot. But none of the matches so far, except those related to the Chinese women's team, have been put on hold.

"At this stage, there is no decision to postpone any FIH Hockey Pro league match other than the China matches which have already been put on hold (against Belgium and Australia)," the FIH Communications Manager, Nicolas Maingot, said replying to a query by

China's home games against Belgium and Australia have already been postponed. The Chinese team, which is located in South Africa, has decided to avoid returning home in the middle of an increase coronavirus threat and is scheduled to play some games against the hosts and Ireland in Durban, said a source.

The FIH keeps on monitoring the evolution of the situation closely and following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the FIH further said.

"Also, we currently haven’t been informed by Australia, USA or any of the European National Associations hosting FIH Hockey Pro league matches in the near future that their public authorities would have taken measures preventing these planned matches from being staged as scheduled. We will keep monitoring this as well," the FIH added.

The BBC reported on Tuesday that UK's plans to contain coronavirus if it spreads - involving possible school closures, canceling events and bringing NHS staff out of retirement - are to be set out by the UK government.

Great Britain are part of both men's and women's editions of the ongoing Pro league season. Italy, however, is the worst coronavirus -affected country in Europe.

India men are scheduled to travel to London for their second away leg of the Pro league against Great Britain, scheduled for May 2 and 3; and the women's team has to travel to the Netherlands and Germany for a Test tour from April 11 to 27.


The Indian team remains vigilant about their hygiene, but the team members are not worried about the uncontrollable and focus on their training at the current national camp in Bangalore.

If you want to define something that you can't control, then probably a good example is the coronavirus, India's coach Graham reid He told

We can only do the things we can do. We make sure that hygiene is good, that we wash our hands and all that kind of thing. But these are very standard practices (practices) anyway. That is normal. You know you have to take care of your health, Reid added.

On the possibility of postponing the Tokyo Olympic Games, Reid decided not to comment and leave it to the authorities concerned.

The factual powers, the World Health Organization and the Olympic Federation, will decide. Nothing we can do about it. Reid said.