Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Update March 3: Gokuldham residents play Holi with tomato sauce and shampoo

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah , Popat lal is in the kitchen and doing 'pakodas'. He realizes he has no ketchup and goes to the balcony to call Abdul.

While shouting Abdul's name, Bhide Mehta and Yesterday Ask him to stop causing air pollution. Popat tells them they are doing the same. Accidentally, Popat ends up spilling some of the besan on their shirts and gets scolded for the same.

Mehta and Yesterday go back to their homes to change their shirts. Popat requests Bhide to get him the ketchup bottle from Abdul's shop. When the latter refuses, Popat blackmails him and tells him that he is single and has to do everything on his own.

Bhide eventually gets the bottle from his home and hands it over to Popat at his place. However, when Bhide leaves, Popat realises it's an expired one. He goes after Bhide , who is in society's compound with Sodhi Mehta and Yesterday .

Popat scolds Bhide for giving him the expired bottle. Sodhi tells him that he might be looking at the manufacturing date, and not the expiry. Sodhi takes the bottle from Popat but the latter takes it back. In their tiff, the sauce spills on Mehta, Bhide and Yesterday .

All three of them get angry at Popat . They decide to spill the sauce on him. But just then the Gokuldham women come there and defend Popat . Mehta, Bhide and Yesterday ask them not to stop them and run after Popat to throw the sauce on him.

However, Popat continues saving himself from the sauce until Bapu Ji comes. When the sauce spills on Bapu Ji, he learns the reason. Bapu Ji throws it on Popat, and they all begin to play Holi with sauce. Jethalal unites them with shampoo bottles. They end up having a lot of fun.