Coronavirus: BJP leader asks Delhi police to suspend the use of breath analyzers

NEW DELHI: In view of, Delhi BJP The spokesman has requested that the police suspend the use of breath analyzers for alcohol consumption.

In a letter to the commissioner, Bagga said: In light of the ongoing ncovid2019 (crown) infection, to protect (prevent) a further spread of the disease, I request to suspend the breath analyzer tests for drunk drivers.

He said that breathing is one of the main reasons behind the spread of the virus, adding that the test can resume after the situation normalizes.

Request to @DelhiPolice @cpdelhi and other state police to suspend the analysis of breathing for a while #CoronaAlert, Bagga tweeted.

The Union health minister said Wednesday that 28 positive cases have so far been detected in India and announced that all international flights and passengers will now have to undergo a review, and not just the 12 countries mentioned above.

When separating those who tested positive for the virus, the minister said that of the total of 28 cases of COVID-19 in India, one person is from Delhi, six of his relatives in Agra, 16 Italians and his Indian driver, one in Telangana and the three previous cases in Kerala.