Writer and actress Chaithra Kottur becomes director of a Kannada movie

After being part of a popular reality TV show, writer-actress Chaithra Kottur everything is ready to start a new career in the Kannada Cinema industry. Previously, she played a leading role in the movie Sojidara along with Haripriya and is now ready to become a full-time director at Sandalwood.

Chaithra Kottur has planned to make a movie on social issues, which is based on casteism, the toilet system and the problems of Dalits in society. According to sources, she has planned to bring the winner of a popular reality show, Shine shetty and another participant of the same program, Bhoomi Shetty , to play the leading roles.

Chaithra Kottur spoke about this in a recent interview and said, Since I came to the Kannada film industry, I always dreamt of becoming a director. I would like to make a social-oriented movie which changes the minds of people, then a commercial movie. This movie is based on casteism and how Dalits are treated in society. I am telling this story in a different way, which can change people's mind. Most of the shooting will be held in Bangalore.

Chaithra is still in the process of selecting the cast for the film and it seems that most of them would be Participants of the reality show she herself was part of, since Chaithra mentioned the same.