Ke Apon Ke By update, March 3: Joba goes against family members

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Sanjay He comes home. Family members except, Palak, none are happy with Joba It's decision. Sanjay pretends to be in a wretched condition and talks about how he is living on the streets by begging. This leaves Palak into tears but none else shows any sympathy since they have suffered a lot due to Sanjay.

Joy loses his calm the moment he notices him and intends to throw him out. Param tries to calm him down. Tiya was a victim of Sanjay who used to run a human trafficking racket several years ago. She too reacts in a similar way. She asks Joba to let Sanjay suffer for his misdeeds.

Lata and Amiya don’t support Joba’s decision of bringing Sanjay home. They suggest admitting Sanjay to the hospital and also promises to bear the expense. But Palak defends her brother. She threatens to leave the house along with Sanjay. Tinni starts crying and asks her mom to stay in the house.

After much drama, Joba convinces everyone to give Sanjay a chance although the family members remind her of Sanjay's past deeds and warn her to get ready for another round of trouble caused by him.

Later, the family members talk about Koel’s good result. They decide to celebrate her achievement. Joba talks about Suryashekhar and Koel’s wedding.