Anish Sood's new song will surely make you dance

The DJ, producer and composer based on Dona Paula, Anish Sood, recently released his latest song Running Back To You, the day he met his wife three years ago! What could be a better way to celebrate thousands of people around the world listening to the album on multiple streaming platforms? 'I met @ispynats exactly three years ago on this date. We planned to launch Running Back To You two weeks ago, but we had to change the date to today. I do not believe in coincidences. Feeling very grateful today ♥ ️ (sic) ', he published Friday on his social networks.

Running Back To You, released on February 28, is a dance/house uptempo record with an infectious vocal hook. The subtle lines of synthesizer are reproduced around the voice in the verses and the fall becomes a friendly rhythm of the jacking club with the vocal hook that complements the wonderful chords.

This is the artists' collaboration with Lisa Mishra, a multilingual singer and songwriter from Chicago. Speaking of which, Anish says: I co-wrote Running Back To you with Lizzy Land in Los Angeles and at the moment we finished it I could feel this emotion around the voice. I knew the hook was really special and I needed a phenomenal Performance voice to back it up. I waited a moment looking for the right fit and my manager Rahul sent me a link to a cover that Lisa has made and it sounded great. We went through a lot of sessions perfecting the vocal shots and finally I got it right. I am very happy with the way the song turned out and I hope you enjoy it too!

Lisa adds: Anish and I met last year at her studio in Goa to collaborate on her next job, and as soon as she played Running Back to You, I knew I had to sing it. He is very particular about his work, so this was the first time I collaborated with someone where we spent time perfecting the track vocally instead of leaving it to digital processing. I really respect your commitment to sound, and I think the track is a real pleasure for the ears. I can't stop listening to it myself!