The government prohibits the export of 26 pharmaceutical ingredients

NEW DELHI: The government banned the export of 26 advanced pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or basic chemicals, including paracetamol, antibiotics such as metronidazole and neomycin, some vitamins and hormones due to the spread and disruption of supplies from China, which en The epicenter of what is now a global health emergency.

Along with the restrictions, the government also tried to calm fears of scarcity. “The committee (headed by Eshwara Reddy, joint drug controller, Central Organization), in its report, has mentioned that the current inventory of APIs may be enough for two or three months to manufacture formulations and has also given certain recommendations. The committee He also mentioned that there is no need to panic when it comes to drug safety, ”the pharmaceutical department said in a statement, adding that states have been asked to ensure an adequate supply of basic chemicals .

The pharmaceutical department said that most Chinese companies that manufacture pharmaceutical ingredients, excluding those in Hubei Province, have now partially resumed operations and are expected to be fully operational by the end of March. “There are no restrictions on API export from China. Chinese companies are willing to export to India, however, the logistics sector has not yet resumed its operations completely. At the CDSCO port offices, it is noted that APIs are being imported from China. According to information received from the CDSCO port offices, 56 API shipments were imported during February 26 and 27, 2020. Of 56, 40 shipments are from China and the rest are from countries other than China, it said in a statement .

India imports almost two-thirds of its API requirements from China, which is considered more competitive than domestic producers, with several medicines identified where the government needs to ensure alternative sources of supply. In fact, several of the chemicals whose exports were banned by the General Directorate of Commerce were listed.