The Ryan Hyd center is the largest in the world, it will double in 5 years.

Hyderabad: The US-based global tax software and services provider announced on Tuesday the expansion of its operations in India with the opening of its second facility in Hyderabad.

Ryan plans to almost double the staff at his Hyderabad operations, which is currently his largest location worldwide with around 520 employees, in the next 3-5 years and turn it into a technology center for the company, said the president and CEO from Ryan, G Brint Ryan, to journalists. here.

Ryan's commercial operations in India in Hyderabad provide global support with data processing, market research, asset recovery, software development, human resources analysis, competitive intelligence, robotic process automation and business process management.

Our operations in Hyderabad are the largest in the world, surpassing the operations of our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They (India's operations in Hyderabad) are critical for Ryan and the value and importance of our team here will continue to increase, ”said Ryan.

“We expect India to grow as a technology center for Ryan as we accelerate our efforts to enable all of our commercial services through technology. India will play a fundamental role in the development of our new platform for digital customer experience that will be implemented later this year, ”he added.

Our team in Hyderabad went from back office support work when we started here in 2013 to sophisticated frontline customer service work for 2019, Ryan added.

Noting that the company has invested $ 3 million in recent years in expanding its operations in the city, which plans to increase to 580 employees by the end of 2020, Ryan said the company has made significant investments in technology, including RPA tools and Various data analysis tools.

Ryan's $ 600 million turnover, which has a global workforce of 2,700, has more than 15,000 customers worldwide in around 50 countries.