Deliver social media accounts to the rape victim of Unnao: Congress to the prime minister

NEW DELHI: After the Prime Minister Narendra Modi He said he will deliver his social media accounts for one day to women who inspire, the leader suggested on Tuesday that he give control of the accounts to the rape victim of Unnao who deserves to tell his story.

The head of the women's wing of Congress said that Prime Minister Modi's promise to deliver her social media accounts to women is an empty and superficial attempt to fix her bad image when it comes to women's safety.

On Monday, the prime minister created a fuss by saying he is thinking of giving up his social media accounts. A day later, he explained in another tweet that he will deliver his accounts on those platforms to women whose life and work inspire us on March 8, Women's Day.

On social media, Modi also invited people to share the stories of the women they inspire.

One suggestion, please give your social media account to the rape victim of Unnao who survived many attacks from leaders who are apparently in his party. He is brave and deserves to tell his story, Dev said.

Unnao's victim accused the expelled BJP leader, Sengar, of raping her three years ago.