Quick tips for a fabulous day

Many people will agree with the fact that we face many difficulties to have a good hair day. The dust and pollution around us not just cause damage only to your skin but also your hair . This environmental change results in abrupt modification of hair textures. Our hair needs protection just like our skin from the environmental changes to persist its smoothness and softness. Therefore, if you desire to have lovely locks to show off first know the reason that harms it.


· Intense dryness

· Excessive consumption of drinks.

Unnatural warming

When we neglect to pamper them that can rejuvenate our hair back to its healthy look it gets worse. So, all you need to do is to show your hair a bit of love! Fortunately, we have got some tips for you to help you get your daily fix of smooth and shiny hair . Here are the things that you should take care of:

Wash your hair

We usually give more focus to our skin and repeatedly wash our face and hand. In the same way, we should always make sure to wash our hair a minimum of 2-3 times a week. This habit will help you to protect your hair from all the dust and pollution around us and also prevent your hair from getting breakage and damage and help in keeping your hair smooth and healthy. Use a Paraben free, sulphate free, sodium chloride free medicated shampoo that is medical grade.

Avoid high temperature water.

A lot of people have a habit of bathing with warm water. It gives them absolute relaxation. And that is the reason why we usually turn up the temperature of the water. But we should always remember not to make it a habit to use extremely hot water for your hair or even skin. We all know it’s relaxing to do that but it is not at all good for both our hair and scalp. Hot water tends to dry our hair which results in damaging the skin of the scalp (it is usually very sensitive). Hence, go for normal temperature water to wash your hair and skin and if you are in the habit of using hot water, step down to use Lukewarm water if not normal temperature water.

Condition your hair

Conditioner is a backbone to your hair care routine. It makes the hair smooth and also allows your hair to grow, locks the moisture of our tresses and not allow easy breakage. There are different types of conditioners made for different hair types and seasons like one should use creamy conditioner in winter as it will condition your stands the right way and supply hair moisture that your hair requires during that season. Apply the conditioner on your hair and keep it for a couple of minutes for the best result.

Use serums on the scalp

After conditioning always keep in mind to use a protective serum not just on your hair but also on the scalp. There are a lot of medicated serums available in the medical stores that are specially manufactured for your scalp. These serums not just catch the moisture of your hair but also maintain the scalp requirement of moisture. Applying serum on your scalp will help you in protecting your hair from its roots as the health of the hair is guarded against our scalp. Once you can think of skipping this step on your hair but not scalp. Also, before using any medicated serum consult your dermatologist first as it varies according to the hair type.

Avoid using dryers

Avoid using a dryer at the hot temperature as an alternative use its air drying mode which is easily available in the dryers manufactured these days. One using dryers at extreme hot temperature are damaging their tresses by drying it to the level where the breakage of hair and split ends takes place. Always keep a note, not to use these hot mode of the dryers and as an alternate use the air drying mode to dry your hair after wringing it with some cotton cloth or t-shirts.

Cover your hair with a scarf

Several elements can directly or indirectly affect the health of the hair . Therefore, to safeguard your hair cover it with any cotton scarf or hat while traveling. This will protect your hair from unwanted elements present around us and also prevent your hair from getting damaged. Also, consider not to tie the cotton scarf very tightly as sometimes it slows down the circulation in our scalp. Make a note, to strictly avoid the use of any wool or silk scarf as these materials usually harm your hair by generating electrostatic friction that can damage your hair .

Contributions of Dr. Prerna Taneja, Director, Eximus Clinic.