Cong asks Parliament ministers to meet with party workers and solve people's problems

BHOPAL: The AICC secretary general in charge of state affairs met Tuesday with the government ministers of Kamal Nath and instructed them to meet with party workers without prejudice and prejudice. With several factions in the state Congress, ministers have been told to treat all party workers with compassion, regardless of their affiliation with one leader or another.

Deepak Babaria met with the ministers at the VIP Guest House in the Lal Ghati area on Tuesday. Shortly after the cabinet meeting, the ministers went one after another to meet the main leader. Private meetings behind closed doors continued from late afternoon until late at night.

Ministers who met with Babaria on Tuesday included Sajjan Singh Verma, Hukum Singh Karada, Jaivardhan Singh, Vijay Laxmi Sadho, Bala Bachchan, and Harsh Yadav.

Speaking to reporters, Dr. Govind Singh said that Babaria asked the ministers to work on the party's manifesto. Ministers have been told that 80% of the promises of the manifesto must be fulfilled within another year. The general secretary of AICC told the ministers to visit the districts he has regularly taken over.

Ministers have also been asked to meet people and solve their problems. Specifically, Deepak Babaria said there should be no complaints about ministers who do not meet with party workers.

In the morning, Babaria was at the state office of Congress and spent more than two hours meeting with front-end heads of organization. He met with the presidents of the front organizations and officials and guided them on how to bring government achievements to the people, said Shobha Oza, head of the media department of the state's PCC.

Deepak Babaria spoke extensively with the leaders and ministers of the party about the promises of the Vachan Patra manifesto and its implementation. He also made a strategy about the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections, voting assemblies and upcoming urban civic surveys. Babaria is also looking for good speakers who can speak in public meetings about the opinions of Congress on issues such as the Citizenship and National Law (NPR).