India criticizes UNHCR for submitting request for intervention in the Supreme Court on CAA

NEW DELHI: The Office of the United Nations The High Commissioner for Human Rights presented an intervention in the Citizens Amendment Act () and informed the Permanent Mission of India in Geneva about it, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

The MEA stated that the CAA is an internal affair of India and refers to the sovereign right of the Indian Parliament to make laws.

Nuestra MisiĆ³n Permanente en Ginebra fue informada ayer por la noche por el Alto Comisionado de las United Nations para los Derechos Humanos ( Michelle Bachelet ) that his office had submitted a request for intervention in the Supreme Court of India regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019, said the MEA spokesman.

We firmly believe that no foreign party has any place of interest in matters related to the sovereignty of India, he said.

India is clear that the CAA is constitutionally valid and meets all the requirements of its constitutional values, Kumar said.

It reflects our long-standing national commitment to human rights issues arising from the tragedy of the Partition of India, he said.

India is a democratic country governed by the rule of law. We all have the utmost respect and full confidence in our independent judiciary. We are confident that our solid and legally sustainable position will be vindicated by the Supreme Court, he said.