Look: Richa Chadha celebrates acts of random goodness ’through positive social experiments

Richa Chadha spread the message of random acts of amiability taking to social media by publishing your unique experiences and experiments

Many think of her as an open actor who does not refuse to take a stand. She recently took her Instagram account to celebrate Acts of random goodness as a thought, with some activities that turned into pleasant surprises planned and executed for strangers. He started with his offer to go to a movie date with five strangers for Oscar precursor Jojo Rabbit '. She wanted an opportunity to join the relevant cinema.

Internet users also praised her for helping a victim of a terrible accident get timely medical assistance. She waited next to the victim, made calls to her loved ones and left alone after putting him in an ambulance.

Last month a video of Richa handing out holding a placard saying ‘Free Hugs’ on the streets of Mumbai went viral. While in reel life she is known to for her brash characters, seems like Richa’s ready to share her softer side with the world. In times of trolling and divisions, at least someone is using social media for good!