The strictest MV Law led to the fall of road deaths in 8 states: Government

NEW DELHI: The Motor Vehicles Act amended with high sanctions provisions seems to have had some impact on road deaths. According to the Ministry of Road Transport, eight of the nine states where details were available show a significant reduction in deaths during September and October 2019 compared to the same period in 2018.

The amended law entered into force on September 1.

In a written response on Monday, the Union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari He said there was a maximum decrease in deaths in (143) followed by 77 fewer deaths in traffic accidents in Gujarat. Percentage wise, Chandigarh showed the maximum improvement where road deaths were reduced by three quarters during this period, followed by. He saw almost a 30% decrease in deaths as well.

The average decrease in deaths in eight states was around 22%. Chhattisgarh in the only state where deaths increased by 4.1%.

“Once we have the data of traffic accidents and deaths of all states for the quarter from September to December 2019, we will have a clear idea about the impact of the modified law on road users. I hope this convinces state governments to enforce the law, ”said a government official. Gadkari had said: The visible impact of the change in the Motor Vehicle Law will be felt in one or two years from now.