Choose Priyanka Gandhi for Rajya Sabha of Gujarat, state unit to tell Congress

GANDHINAGAR: the unit of Congress will ask the central leadership of the party to name the secretary general of this UP Priyanka Gandhi as part of the state for the next elections of Rajya Sabha. He is ready to win two of the four seats for the elections.

The state unit feels that Priyanka's competition from Gujarat will give the party box a moral boost. Elections for four Rajya Sabha de Gujarat seats will be held on March 26; The last day to submit nominations is March 13.

The unit of Madhya Pradesh, together with other states governed by the Congress where the RS elections will be held, has also sought the nomination of Priyanka. If carried out, it will mark your entry into the electoral policy.

The opposition leader (LOP) confirmed the developments. On the candidate for the second RS seat, Dhanani refused to take any name.