Chakma politicians write to the prime minister and say the Mizoram government is carrying out illegal NRC

GUWAHATI: In a letter to PM Narendra Modi , The only BJP MLA Buddha Dhan of Mizoram and other representatives of the Chakma community have accused the government of conducting an illegal NRC survey to identify recent settlers in a particular district and verify their nationality.

“The illegal survey was conducted in at least 14 Chakma-inhabited Lunglei district. No such survey is being conducted in any village inhabited by Mizo, ”they say in the letter. Buddhist chakmas are a Mizoram dominated by Christians. They extend through two districts, on the border with Bangladesh.

On February 13, an administration officer from the Lunglei District issued a notice to the village council presidents, asking them to participate in the illegal NRC under the verification and identification of unauthorized settlement, the letter alleges. In a pro way, villagers were asked their names, places of birth, nationality and religion. People had to mention the villages where they last lived along with descriptions of the places and the period of stay.