My constant ambition is to lead a happy life: Vidyut Jammwal

Because of his talent, hard work and dedication, Command Actor, Vidyut Jammwal It has gained popularity and the image of one of the main action heroes in the Indian film fraternity. Man has been practicing martial arts since the age of three and takes great care of his physical and mental well-being. Vidyut, who was recently in Lucknow to film for his next movie khuda Hafiz He talked about how life has changed and why he is happy to be single. After having visited the city before, Vidyut said that the weather in Lucknow was incredible and he hopes that one day he will be able to see more of the city. Yesterday I was talking to my mother and I was like mom. I am in Lucknow and I was delighted that I was here. Lucknow is a beautiful city with beautiful people. There is so much warmth in people that one feels so welcome here. That is why it is not surprising that Lucknow is known for his Nawaazi mehmaan. I love this city.

The actor of Junglee, although regrets not being able to see more of the city. “I would love to go sightseeing in Lucknow. When I was here for the last time several years ago, our schedule was also so tight that I couldn't see the place correctly. Even now we have little time left, ”he says.

 Vidyut Jammwal  shooting with actress Shivaleeka Oberoi for the film  khuda Hafiz  in Lucknow (BCCL/ Aditya Yadav) Vidyut Jammwal shooting with actress Shivaleeka Oberoi for the film Khuda Hafiz in Lucknow (BCCL/Aditya Yadav)

Vidyut revealed that his father served in the army and that he lost his father when he was 19 years old. He added: I have grown up in a military environment and I don't think he has left me until now, but I have become a civilian now, as they say in the forces. Chivalry, respect, understanding of human beings to some extent and connection to land are some of the attributes that never leave a person who has been raised in a military environment. In addition, I have great respect for the soldiers, because I have seen them closely, it is a completely different life. Every time I go to a place in the army I feel very proud of the way they treat me.

When asked why he did not join the army, Vidyut jokingly said: I am in the army. I am representing the Indian army as a command. I create an opinion on how an Indian army officer is for civilians .n “On a serious note, I requested the NDA, but I was too young and not well prepared. Along with this, I also feel that destiny plays a very important role in terms of where you are going to land in life, the new era said. action hero Bollywood

The Junglee actor professed his love for animals and especially how his love for elephants grew after filming with them for the film. He said: Being a type of army you have grown up with dogs. But then you meet the royal majestic creature, the elephants, change everything. I spent many days with elephants, about 50 of them. I also told my director that, although we had 50 elephants on the set, I never heard Ki Haathi Ne Kisi Insan Ko tour Diya nor hit a human being. But 50 people in a room will bump into each other 100%. There is no idea of ​​the human body. The animals are amazing. I think the human race needs to evolve more.

Then he added: “In fact, something very interesting happened while we were filming the movie. There is a scene in the movie where I am running through the elephants. I can easily say that it was one of the most difficult things I have done in my life. As I have done many other great stunts that not many people in the world have tried, but that acrobatics has been

far has been the most difficult, I would say. So, my director, Chuck russell He asks me to run between 50 elephants that weigh around 4000 kilograms each, and at that time it was like koi nahi, everything is great, main kar loonga. So I ran, but the moment I got between them, I realized how heavy they were and I could hear them breathing and I was so scared. My brain had closed, my body was not in harmony. But the moment I crossed them, I thought: Thank God I saved myself! But those animals had total control of themselves. None went crazy.

Further, speaking about getting scared while doing dangerous stunts and other physically challenging tasks, the action hero averred, “I get scared doing everything I do. But just the thought of overcoming it is a great feeling.” He went on to add, “Coming back to your question, I do get scared but I also believe that jis bhi cheez mein darr lagta hai, woh zaroor karo, phir log kehte hain arey waah, kamaal kar diya. If you can’t speak a language, go and speak to a person who is excellent at it. You’ll realise that you’ve just picked it up. The fear is the hindrance to everything you do. Anything that scares you, please confront it,” said the actor whose writing a book on mental exercises.

Touted as an action hero , Vidyut says he is happy with the image he has as an actor. “I want to be like the Bruce Lee of India . I always wanted to be an action hero . But with this film that we are shooting, there is a slight shift from action. He gets to do that later on in the film. So as far as being typecast as an action hero , I have no problems. In fact, everything now is a bonus for me. I didn’t expect life to be this amazing. I get these great small highs like my mum goes to a military hospital sometimes, and the doctor says there’s a hero also by that surname Jammwal and she’s like he’s my son. So this is a high I can’t really explain to people, but it puts me on cloud nine. I have more than what I had dreamt of. Now my constant ambition is to lead a happy life. I look back at my life, I planned nothing. It’s all a bonus. At the end of the day, it's all about happiness. No one really tells you how to get it. So find something that inspires you to wake up, the moment you find that something, you’ll be happy. And it can’t mostly be a job, it has to be something around it. There has to be a light within you which is so lit that everybody notices.”

Happily single now, Vidyut says he never felt the need for a partner. He feels that one does not necessarily need a partner to complete them. You do not need a partner. You need a partner with whom you can share your stuff. It could be your mother, brother, best friend, sister, anyone, not necessarily a person of the opposite sex. But if you find someone, it's great, Vidyut said.

- With contributions from Yashi Agarwal