Zomato, RBL credit card partner

Mumbai: has been associated and Mastercard for a shared brand, which provides rewards that can be redeemed in the application.

Zomato customers can use the application to request the card that comes in two versions: Classic Card Edition and Card Edition. In addition, the expense-related rewards, the card provides Zomato Gold city membership for the Classic card and global membership on the Edition card. Editing cards have been made especially for those who are always exploring food worldwide, said Zomato Vice President Pradyot Ghate. He added the card rewards transaction both in the app and in restaurants. RBL Bank has taken the path of the partners to increase their credit card portfolio, said Utkarsh Saxena, head of the credit cards of the lenders. “Online food delivery has witnessed a growing trend and this is a great opportunity to offer an innovative experience to our customers. This partnership is an extension of our Partners ka Bank philosophy, he said.

“In the millenary segment, 17% of discretionary spending was made in restaurants and food orders. This is expected to increase to 19% in 2020, ”said Vice President of Mastercard, Anubhav Gupta. He added that co-branded cards have become a focus area for the payment company. “Worldwide, 30% of all expenses are made on co-branded cards compared to 10% in India. Given the trends, we expect a great opportunity for growth in this space in India, ”said Gupta.