Kajol: With #MeToo, men backed up seven steps

Actor Kajol On Monday he said there is a difference in the way women in movie sets are treated after the #MeToo movement, with men more aware of their behavior and aware of consent. The MeToo movement, which began in Hollywood , gained momentum in India in 2018, with women who called comedians, journalists, authors, actors and filmmakers, which resulted in the appointment of people like M J Akbar , Nana Patekar Alok Nath, Sajid Khan, Vikas Bahl & Rajat Kapoor .

When asked if women on film sets are treated differently post the #MeToo movement, Kajol told reporters, "Yes there is a difference. And I wouldn't say it's only on film sets. To be very honest, if you ask any man anywhere, after the #MeToo movement took a life of its own & embroiled a lot of very well known people in it, I think somewhere down the line, men, good, bad, indifferent, took seven steps back."

The actor said this was a much necessary step & the difference is visible.

"Everything was & is still being done cautiously & with a lot more thought. I think more than good or bad, there's a lot of thought put into everybody's daily interactions whether it's on a set or in an office environment."

Kajol was speaking at the screening of the short film.