Rukmini Vijaykumar takes his mother's story to the stage

Actress, dancer and choreographer. Rukmini Vijaykumar brings his dance production Nayani, an adaptation of a story by his mother Vijayalakshmi Vijayakumar , to Bangalore this March. Released in 2013, Nayani it has been organized across the country and the United States and is now returning to namma ooru Bt27- Nayani -1

This time, however, Rukmini has changed parts of the choreography and the story My mother's story is based on how one can find the divinity within themselves and all those around them. I have adapted the story as a script for my dance production. It is also a celebration of the devotion we have towards the natural elements of the earth, ”she says.

Rukmini says, “I have retained the essence of the original production, but have made major changes to the choreography and the storyline to give it a fresh feel, keeping in mind that we will have audiences who have seen earlier performances. This time, the choreography is more concise and cohesive. Over the years, not only have I grown as a choreographer, but the recital has also been staged several times, so, I have tried to be more creative and this is the result of revisiting it with a different perspective.”

“Most Indian classical dance recitals have a very strong narrative; In fact, they always have a story. Whether mythological or of any other genre, the dancer uses the medium of dance to narrate it. In a way, classical dancers are visually pleasing, immersive and even interactive storytellers. Everything, from our expressions to our costumes, tells a certain part of the recital, ”she says.

Bt27- Nayani -3 Rukmini adds that she is looking forward to bringing Nayani back to Bengaluru, given that audiences here have always been a joy to perform for. “People here come to watch and enjoy the performance and not judge it. Any performer would appreciate the kind of response the city and its people have for new or old, traditional forms of performing arts and culture, ”she signs off.