Supritha Sathyanarayan prepares to debut on a small screen Telugu

Actress Supritha Sathyanarayan is making his debut in the Telugu small screen with the daily soap opera Savithramma Gari Abbayi . Interestingly, Supritha will co-star the Kannada actor Chandan Kumar who plays the main role in the program. In the family drama, the actress will perform Nandini , a character previously rehearsed by Ayesha .nSupritha says, “I was getting plenty of offers from both Telugu and Tamil serials, but I did not accept any because I was busy with my Kannada serial. The makers of Savithramma Gari Abbayi, though, insisted and I finally agreed. The story was about Nandini an arrogant, stubborn girl, who does not respect elders, and only loves her father whom she loses in a road accident. She believes that her husband had a hand in her father’s death. But when she realises the truth, she mends her relationship with her husband. The twist, then, is that Nandini gets grievously injured in an accident, following she has to undergo plastic surgery. I play Nandini at this juncture. The role is very similar to Maithili that I played in the Kannada show Seetha Vallabha. Honestly, I don't find any difference between the two, but I would love to explore different characters in my upcoming projects. ”

Supritha, who is not well-versed with Telugu, is relying on her co-star Chandan to help her with the language. “Chandan helps me get the diction right. It is also great to work with Haritha, who is a veteran actress on Telugu TV. Right now, I have been shuttling between Bengaluru and Hyderabad for my shows and the constant travel is already taking a toll on me. But I am hopeful of being able to manage, ”she signs off.