Akshay Oberoi: Success is secondary. I only mind being in front of the camera

A break in the race, even if it is short, can shake the strongest people. Akshay Oberoi He knows very well The actor went through a phase of calm right at the beginning of his career and says that those difficult days have ended up shaping his worldview. He shares: “I am not afraid of death, that is inevitable. Success, money, fame, stardom: all that is also secondary. They are just byproducts. All I care about is facing the camera. It keeps me happy and sane. I don't even fear failure. I only fear another pause.

Install it more about this calm and say: I was unemployed for three and a half years. That calm, after I had just made my first movie (' Isi Life Mein ', 2010), it was overwhelming. It was a difficult stage to survive and I returned to the theater. I had just married my childhood girlfriend, Jyothi Vynatheya, and I had no money. It's hard when you're married and you don't win. You start wondering what your wife will think of you. Insecurities arise and his confidence receives a great blow. She was winning and took over the house for a couple of years. But I knew that my only way was to keep doing it. I kept pushing myself, and she believed in me. The break finally came when Bijoy Nambiar gave me a show called ' Rush '(2012). After that, he told me he wanted to make a movie with me. I was 25 years old then. Six months later, he offered me ' Pizza '(2014). And so I went back to business.

Akshay says the fight hardened him. “I have completely lost my fear. Today, I am not worried about the duration of my scenes or the screen time of my character. I see many people trapped on this website, but it can kill you and your creativity. Now, even the great directors and producers are inclined to choose actors instead of stars. I don't care if they call me a character artist. In fact, I would love to. Sab Salman Khan nahi ban sakte, but each actor has something unique to offer, ”he concludes.