The PRTs add a lot of pressure on the actors: actress Bhavika Sharma

After becoming a family name with his work in the serial Parvarrish Season 2, actress Bhavika Sharma recently came to Lucknow for the promotions of her upcoming show. Bhavika, who shot extensively in different parts of the city for her serial , speaking about TV The programs that have a short period these days, said: It is not only the appreciation that a program is receiving from its audience, but also the type of message it transmits. Each program and each episode also tries to convey some kind of message, be it social or something. And it's not just that, the PRTs add a lot of pressure on the actors .nBhavika has been very active making videos of herself in an application. I used to enjoy watching videos in this online application and it's a great time. Then, some of my friends made me join the application and now I make videos there. I also insist that my other friends join, since it is very entertaining, the young man revealed. Actress who was filming for the Maddam Sir program in Lucknow. .

- With contributions from Yashi Agarwal