From electronic invitations to BYOC (bring your own cutlery): make your parties sustainable

Isn't trash and leftovers after the party a major stressor than organizing the royal party? Well, there is a way to reduce that fear after the party. In addition, with all that waste and cleaning after the party, you are not only stressing yourself, but also the environment. So, by organizing a party without waste, you are not only doing yourself a favor, but you are also doing your part to save the environment. “Not using single-use plastics at your party can help reduce a lot of waste. Because it is convenient, many people often opt for decoration and disposable plastic cutlery, but that is easily avoidable, says Nandita Khosla Sud, a resident of Gurgaon, who organized an ecological birthday party for her daughter, adding: A What we had in mind was to celebrate a party without plastics and we did it. Only that step helped us reduce many post-party waste. ” Organizing a party definitely needs a lot of planning and if your goal is to organize a party with minimal waste, here are some tips to get started. Logo-1

E-invite to the rescue

Electronic invitations in WhatsApp or email are the way to go. You can give it a personal touch by adding a message. You can also add a footnote informing guests about their efforts to be green. Physical invitations are an absolute waste of money and effort, says Pragati Badrinath, an ecological event planner based in Bangalore, adding: You can have an informal dinner and even ask guests not to bring gifts wrapped in plastic.

mbad-2 Make your ecological gifts

It is obvious to have plants as a return gift for your guests. While that is always a good idea, you can also be creative with gifts. Use old newspapers to wrap gifts or give handmade potlis or simply small posters (made with scrap cloth) with handwritten messages for each guest to create creative gift ideas. “That only adds to the experience of the guests. For children's birthday parties, one should look at gifts like wooden toys, instead of plastic ones, or handmade cloth bags with their favorite superheroes embroidered on them, says Anjali Sharma, an event planner with Gurgaon headquarters, which promotes sustainable parties. .


Finish with single-use decoration

Event organizers often meet customers who think that decoration (especially for birthday parties) should have balloons. “We suggest that people look for reusable accessories when it comes to decoration. There may be handwritten notes (on paper) or photos that can be used as hangings with small lights, glass jars with candles can be used for table decorations, paper bunting and hangings can be used as wall decoration . We also use reusable accessories made of scrap cloth, ”shares Anjali Sharma.

Pragati adds: “I have created a standard poster made of felt fabric with a happy birthday written on it. It can be easily washed and used at different parties. Children are not interested in balloons. They are simply interested in colors, so it can also be obtained through paper and fabric decoration. For other parties, especially home parties, one can completely eliminate the additional decoration.


Guide to a party without waste

Borrow accessories and lights for decoration

Use cloth napkins

Offer snacks and minimize the use of cutlery.

Keep enough trash bins in place

Use scrap fabrics to make bunting for decoration

Distribute food scraps immediately after the party.

Use newspaper and jute ropes to wrap gifts