Being in Bigg Boss Kannada helped me repair my ties with my family: Bhoomi Shetty

When Bhoomi Shetty He decided to make a name for himself in the entertainment world, his family was far from excited. A career in entertainment was not something her conservative parents had imagined for her. So much so that since he moved the stock of locks and the barrel to Bangalore, their relationship was quite strained. But things are now improving, thanks to the actress season in the recently concluded Bigg season Boss Kannada. “Before entering the Bigg Boss house, I went home to Kundapura to seek their blessings. Even though they were warm towards me, all was not well. But it has changed completely for the better after my return from the house and I’m so grateful for that,” says an upbeat Bhoomi, who spent the past week in her hometown.“Everywhere I go now, there’s so much recognition and love. But most of all, it has reunited me with the most precious aspect of my life — my family. I thought my mother wouldn’t have watched the show considering that she was so upset that I had taken up a career in television. But my sister and grandmother told me that my mother was hooked to the show from start to finish. On my recent visit, my entire family and extended relatives came home to meet me; they fed and pampered me. It’s what I missed most during my stint on the show,” Bhoomi tells us. That apart, the Kinnari actor also got to see a Bhootha Kola performance, went for a drive to Maravanthe beach and paid reverence in the temple of his family “My mother came to leave me at the bus stop the night I had to return to Bangalore and it was like the old days. She asked me what my future plans were and told me to take what makes me happy, Bhoomi signs.