'Gaumutra', 'gobar' can cure the coronavirus: BJP MLA in the Assam assembly

GUWAHATI: While the world seeks a cure for the deadly novel that has claimed thousands of lives worldwide, a BJP On Monday, the legislator left the state assembly astonished by saying that the remedy can be 'gaumutra' (cow urine) and 'gobar' (cow dung).

Suman Haripriya said that urine and cow manure are useful for curing deadly diseases such as cancer.

We all know that cow manure is very useful. Similarly, when cow urine is sprayed, it purifies an area ... I think something similar could be done with 'gaumutra' and 'gobar' to cure the coronavirus (disease). He said during a discussion about smuggling cattle to Bangladesh during the Special Mention on the first day of the assembly budget session.

Haripriya also said that Bangladesh's economy has strengthened thanks to Indian smuggling cows, mainly Assam.

Bangladesh is the second largest meat exporter in the world. All these cows are our cows. Earlier, the congressional government did nothing to stop cow smuggling, he said.

Nowadays, river route is mostly used to smuggle cows, the BJP said and urged the BJP -led government in Assam to monitor the cattle markets in the state as she said illegal trading is being carried out by them with most of their receipts being fake.

Meanwhile, the Union Ministry of Health said Monday that two more positive cases of coronavirus have been reported, one in Delhi and one in Telangana, in the country.

So far five positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in India.

Up to 25,738 people are under community surveillance throughout the country, while 37 people suspected of having symptoms of COVID-19 are currently hospitalized.

So far, China has witnessed 2,912 coronavirus deaths.