With the spread of the Corona virus, almost 600 Indian citizens on the island of Kish, Iran, urge the government to transport them by air.

HYDERABAD: Hundreds of Indians working on the island of Kish in I ran I have urged the Foreign Minister, S, to take them by plane back to India when the corona virus was spreading on the island.

“Every day we hear from 10 to 15 deaths here on the island. We are in camps and now we are allowed to leave. But we want to return to India, ”the workers said in a video appealing to Jaishankar. They said that since flights were not operated, they cannot return to India and their company was not interested in sending them home either.

One of the Indian workers, Anil Chowhan, told TOI by phone from the island of Kish that they were involved in the construction. First they took us to Dubai as we were told that we would be employed there. However, from there they took us to the island of Kish, ”he said. They have been there for almost six months.

Indian citizens include workers from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh.