Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, March 1: Trisha remembers about a witness and Naksh goes looking for him

In the last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai , Trisha He says Kartik & Naira that they must stop fighting against their own family for her. Naira He says Trisha that they must not give up only because they have lost one proof. Suhasini dadi He says Manish that it was a good trick to make Gayu upset & send her to Badi Dadi so that she gives them the phone. Manish says they did not like it but did it for Luv & Kush. Gayu overhears their conversation.

Mr. Khaberi assures his son Abhishek that he shall win Luv & Kush's case. Trisha recalls that when she was running away from Luv, Kush & Abhishek a baloon seller He came in his way. lawyer Shivani He says Kartik & Naira , the baloon seller can be a witness. Naira & Kartik go in search of him. They learn from another baloon seller the person they are looking for will come the next morning. Nkash says he shall be present at the market the next day to look for the baloon seller .

Gayu talks to Naira & Kartik on a video call & they see Kairav sleeping. The next morning Naksh He says Niara that he is still searching for the baloon seller .

Mr. Khaberi meets Naira & Kartik outside the court & says that this case will end today.

The time for the case hearing is near but Naksh calls Kartik & says that he has still not found the baloon seller they are looking for. Kartik asks Naksh to keep looking for him. Naira He says Shivani that she & Kartik have confidence in her.