Karnataka: BJP's protests against Basanagouda Patil Yatnal mark the first day of the budget session

BENGALURU: Opposition protests marked the budget opening session in the state legislature on Monday when Congress and JD (S) strongly condemned BJP The comments of legislator Yatnal against HS and the demand for action.

There were fulminaciones in both cameras. No business could be done on the legislative council, which was postponed. At the assembly, several bills were presented in the middle of the din. Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa also responded to the governor's address.

Last month, Yatnal had called Doreswamy a fake freedom fighter and an agent of Pakistan, sparking outrage. I have refuses to apologize, and BJP has rallied behind him.

“He (Yatnal) has insulted the entire freedom movement by calling Doreswamy a false freedom fighter. It is unforgivable. He should apologize or the speaker should strip him of his membership in the assembly, ”said the opposition leader in the assembly.

Congress and JD (S) have decided to protest again on Tuesday.

“By insulting Doreswamy, Yatnal has shown disrespect to the Constitution. We are not ready to sit with those anti-nationals. He must act against him, ”Siddaramaiah tweeted later.

Yatnal refused to leave his post. “It is not an apology. Let him (Doreswamy) apologize first for his comments against Modi (prime minister) and then I will, ”he said, and called Doreswamy again a self-proclaimed freedom fighter.

There was trouble in the legislature right from the word go. The moment both Houses convened, the opposition demanded a debate on Yatnal’s controversial comments. The treasury bench rejected the calls, saying no discussion could be allowed without prior notice. This led to howls of protest in the Houses. While the opposition raised anti-BJP and anti-Yatnal slogans, BJP MLAs shouted pro-Savarkar lines.

The speaker of the Assembly tried to calm the situation by saying that it would allow a debate once Yediyurappa responded to the governor's speech. He asked for a notice from the opposition to raise Yatnal's problem, but it was in vain. Even Yediyurappa's requests had no effect. Siddaramaiah refused to give notice and urged the chair to use his residual powers to act against Yatnal, saying it was a serious matter that needed urgent attention.

Kageri, however, insisted on warning, stating that there was no real emergency to invoke residual powers. He called and asked the prime minister to begin his statement; Congress and JD (S) again raised objections, met at the well and raised slogans.

Yediyurappa read his statement, which included mentions of his seven-month government's accomplishments. The house was closed for lunch. During the break, Kageri invited representatives from both sides to a conciliatory meeting, but the stalemate continued. When the House met again, the opposition repeated calls to action against Yatnal, forcing Kageri to announce that the day's procedures are postponed.

In the council, opposition leader SR Patil said the BJP legislator’s comments were an insult to Mahatma Gandhi.