Who will kill a man to get milk for his children? Ask the brother of the rickshaw shooter killed in the violence in Delhi

AGRA: Like many others, his search also ended abruptly in the morgue of the GTB hospital on Saturday night. The knees turned week and the tears fell. (27) lay unattended in a corner of the morgue along with several other bodies, all victims of riots. He had left his home in the Brijpuri neighborhood of Delhi on Tuesday morning to find a bag of breast milk for his three children, but he never returned.

Prem is a rickshaw shooter. Prem was among the 47 people who died in communal clashes in the northeast corner of Delhi for three days in a row, starting Sunday night.

Back home in the town of Rajepura, about 230 km from the national capital, Prem leaves three daughters and wife, four months pregnant. Rakhi is 9 years old, Neelam is six, while Khushi is only three years old, too young to understand death. But, his mother understands everything. With only 25 years, Sunita saw a bleak future as Prem was the only bread winner in the family.

Prem had come to the national capital to guarantee a better life for his family. He had rented a room and took them to block C. de Brijpuri. After their death, they have returned home.

Why would someone kill a man who just wanted to buy milk for his children? he asked, who burned his younger brother in Delhi.

Speaking to TOI by phone from Delhi, Shyam said: “On February 25, Prem went to buy milk for his children, but never returned. The next day, we filed a missing complaint at the Dayalpur police station. Later, local police helped the family track the body to the GTB hospital ... in the morgue.

Prem was the youngest among six brothers, including three sisters. The government must compensate his wife and children, Shyam said.