Update from Choti Sardarni, March 2: Meher catches Ginni with her boyfriend

The episode of Choti Sardarni start with Meher calling up Sarabjeet and she asks him to urgently come to her house. Sarabjeet tries to ask her, but she tells him to just meet her. Sarab arrives at her place and she sits in his car. Meher tells Sarab that she is craving to eat ice cream and requests him to take her to an ice cream shop. They spend some happy moments having ice-cream.

At Kulwant's house, his youngest son, Rana, asks him to lend him some money, but she refuses. Soon, Bittu arrives there and asks Rana to return his jacket, look and see what he is wearing. They fight for it and Kulwant receives a call from a bank that claims he has won a 25 lakh rupee lottery. They ask for her details and she lends them all the details. Frog manages to get Rs 5000 from Kulwant and leaves there. In Sarab's house, Ginni meets Sarab and notices a gift in his hand. Ginni excuse that she will go to her friend's birthday party. He asks her to take the driver, but she tries to make an excuse, but Sarab doesn't listen to her and sends her driver with her.

At Kulwant's house, Meher informs Kulwant that she shouldn't share OTP and other details to anyone on the phone and she informs everyone that Rs 25 lakh has been deducted from Kulwant's account. Meher explains her mother that it is a kind of scam and there is only Rs 500 left in her account now. Meher, Kulwant and Jaggi decides to go to the police station and report about it.

Ginni and Rana are in a park and Ginni reveals the reason for his return to India. She says she was in a relationship with a boy and that she got pregnant. At first, Frog is nervous to hear this, but then asks Ginni not to leave him. Ginni and Rana try to kiss but the police arrive there and take the couple to the police station.

At the police station, Kulwant creates a scene as she has been looted. After reporting about it as Meher is leaving from there she hears Ginni's voice and she calls her on her phone. Ginni takes the call and makes an excuse that she is at a birthday party. Meher realises there's something fishy.

At Gill house, Sarab and Harleen are seen waiting for Meher. Kulwant, Jaggi and Meher arrive there and they start with the nomination function. Sarab announces Dolly's name and says she is the new candidate to fight for the upcoming election from their party. He asks her to come on stage, but the moment Dolly gets up she gets a call from an unknown number and she gets worried.