Women's poetic side

Mahilla Kavi Sammelan-2020, organized by Panjab University Association of former students, showed the poetic side of women. The occasion was International Women's Day. The event saw Ana Dehalvi Namita Rakesh, Sarita Jain, Sunita Raina, Saba Aziz, Anita Anand , Babita Kapoor, Isha Naaz and Mamta Kalra presenting their works. Shayari lovers appeared in large numbers to experience what they called a great night. While Mamta Kalra captivated the public with her interpretations of Lord Krishna and invoked the earthly community of farmers and her affection for nature, Babita Kapoor, theatrical activist, presented Nazms about loneliness and the memory of women's strength . pupoet2

With its roots in cashmere Sunita Raina, with her poetic interpretations, ranged from invoking God to materialism, corrupting the relationship with lovers of courtship and infidelity.