Congress deputy alleges assault by Jaskaur Meena, BJP responds

NEW DELHI: A member filed a written complaint with Speaker on Monday, saying he had been physically assaulted inside the House by a woman parliamentarian from Rajasthan, BJP, and demanded that action be taken against the member.

On March 2, at 3 pm, inside Lok Sabha, I was physically assaulted by Deputy Jaskaur Meena, Haridas said in his complaint and added: Has this happened to me repeatedly just because I am Dalit and woman? I ask you to take action against that deputy, ”Haridas wrote annoyed in his complaint while the young first member kept crying while talking with the President in his chamber.

When she rushed to the president's chamber, other members of the opposition party, mostly women of Congress and the Congress of Trinamool, DMK and others who were also present in the House accompanied her.

It is known that a supportive Haridas told the speaker that she felt hurt by the assault since she is also a member of the Chamber and does not deserve that behavior.

Many of the high-ranking women parliamentarians in the opposition banks were found comforting Haridas later, as the Chamber remained suspended.

Meanwhile, the Minister of the Union and member of the BJP parliament, Smriti Irani, was seen organizing the BJP women members of the House and drafting a complaint and signing to counteract the one presented by Haridas. Subsequently, led by Irani, all BJP parliamentarians, except Sadhvi Pragya, present in the House, even outside the House and returned after a while.

Accusing members of Congress of misbehaving with the women parliamentarians of BJP, Irani alleged on Monday that the behavior of opposition party members was a reflection of the desperation of the Gandhi family when Meena filed a complaint to Birla to this respect shortly after Haridas presented his.

“Deputies of Congress with women deputies of the BJP in Lok Sabha. I would appeal to the President to take the strongest possible measures against them, ”Irani later told reporters outside the House of Parliament.