Mumbai: A ton of plastic seized, Rs 3.75 lakh fine collected on Monday

MUMBAI: The (BMC) on Monday confiscated 1029 kg of merchants and traders and recovered fines of 3.75 lakh in fines during a special campaign against single-use plastic, of which 725 kg were from a single storekeeper in the area, he said. An official. The BMC, which aims to free the metropolis from May 1, began the journey from Saturday, and more than 4,000 stores were reviewed on Monday, he said.

On the first day of the trip on Saturday, the civic body had fined 11 people and raised a fine of Rs 55,000.

Since June 2018, the BMC has seized 86,000 kg of plastic and has recovered millions of rupees in fines.

A BMC statement said that Rs 5000 will be the fine if one is found using the prohibited plastic for the first time, while it will be Rs 10,000 if it is caught a second time.

Anyone caught for the third time will have to pay a fine of Rs 25,000 and can also be jailed for three months, he said.