Madhur Bhushan: If Madhubala had received more love from the people he loved so much, he would have had more strength to fight in his battle for life.

Days after the legendary actress Madhubala 52 anniversary of death (February 23), BT met Madhur Bhushan , Madhubala’s youngest sibling, who reminisced moments from her sister’s far too short life. The highlight of Madhubala’s love life remains her relationship with Dilip Kumar , which made headlines at that time and continues to awaken everyone's interest to date.

When asked if Madhubala got a chance to interact with Dilip Kumar during the last days of her life, Madhur replied, “He once went to see her at the hospital. She sent him a message through someone that she wanted to see him, and he came over to see her. This was before his marriage. Later, I came for the funeral. He immediately flew down from Madras (where he was shooting) when learnt that Madhubala was very critical. But he was late by two hours… she was buried by then. ”

Speaking of the life of his sister, who was interrupted by heart disease, Madhur added: You know ... he loved the song Rula Ke Gaya Sapna Mera (Jewel Thief, 1967). She felt that she encapsulated her life. He would wait every day for doctors to tell him that they had discovered a cure for her. She wanted to live. I think love heals. Yes, we cannot change destiny, but if I had received more love from the people I loved so much, then I think I would have had more strength to fight their battle for life, for longer.

For the full interview, read tomorrow's issue of Bombay Times.