The swastika shares her moment Srimati

Swastika Mukherjee will soon be seen as a plane-housewife Jane Arjunn Dutta The next, Srimati. When the shooting began, the actress took him to social networks to encourage all housewives. The film is about a middle class, simple, funny and a little disorganized middle class housewife, Srimati.

In his post, Swastika wrote: Women don't always need to be ‘ REBEL ’To get what they deserve. Their family, their husbands, their kids simply owe it to them. Cheers to all the #SRIMATIS who keep doing their thankless jobs&a bigger cheers to the women&men behind them. Amidst all hopelessness here I start my film #SRIMATI with Arjunn Dutta, Supratim Bhol and equipment (Sic)