100 disadvantaged children visit the city zoo

The city zoo - Veermata Jijabai Bhonsle Udyan - It has been renovated with new enclosures inaugurated by CM Uddhav Thackeray. People have been going to see the new exhibits and recently, a lot of helpless The children did too, courtesy of some Mumbaikars. Rabia Patel, who organized the event with the help of an NGO and some TISS ( Tata Institute of Social Sciences ) students, says, “Visting the zoo was like a nod to our own past. It was part of the Walk for Cause event and the kids were thrilled as it became a wonderful excursion for them. Last year, as part of this initiative, we took kids to the city planetary . This year, we decided on the zoo as it has seen changes and many wanted to see it. For me, I specially love Byculla since it has historical importance. So, I had to figure in this plan for young people.

All day fun


The kids got dressed up in their brightest for it. They gathered at the entrance, the tickets were bought and soon, they all filed into the zoo. They walked around and they spent time stopping to see each exhibit. They also exchanged stories and learnt about the animals and birds. Informs Rabia, “The zoo was so lush and green. It is a beautiful place to visit in the city and is sure to make anyone de-stress . It was very encouraging to see how these children valued each part of the trip.

At the end of their tour, the children received biryani, wafers and juice. They exploded while laughing and remembering the fun. She adds: “Do you know that the youngest of them was only 14 months old and actually offered refreshments to others? This was very touching to see. He definitely talked about the values ​​they gave him. Children can be taught so much and shaped the right way.