UP: Kafeel Khan does not receive any inhuman treatment, says Mathura DM after the visit to the jail.

AGRA: Following complaints made by a doctor who became an activist Kafeel Khan The wife, who her husband was being treated inhumanly at the Mathura jail, the district magistrate along with the SSP, visited the prison on Sunday and denied all claims.

Speaking to TOI, the Mathura district magistrate said that Khan, who was booked under the (NSA) for alleged incendiary statements during an anti-CAA protest in Aligarh, is absolutely fine. He said that Khan is completely safe inside the prison and that the accusations of inhuman treatment imposed on him are unfounded.

The chief superintendent of the Mathura district prison said that Khan's condition is being monitored every half hour and the report is written in the entry book. He said his ECG was normal on Sunday and the BP was also in control.

He said Khan demanded a DM cardiologist check. As there is no specialist available in the government sector here, your request could not be fulfilled. However, the prison authorities have sent their request to the medical director and asked him to make available a specialist in the sector.

He said Khan is in a 20x60-foot barracks, which is fully ventilated, and shares it with 50-60 prisoners of good behavior.

Shabista, in a letter addressed to the president of the Supreme Court of Allahabad HC, additional chief secretary (home) and director general (jail), had claimed that her husband was being treated inhumanly in jail. She feared that one could try to attempt against her husband's life inside the prison and had demanded adequate security for him. She had also urged that her husband stay away from active criminals and present him to common prisoners.

On December 13, Aligarh police hired Dr. Khan for delivering a provocative speech at the Muslim University of Aligarh (AMU) during a protest against the CAA on campus a day earlier and was arrested from Mumbai airport on 29 January by the special force of the UP. He was sent to judicial custody for 14 days on January 30.

Aligarh police had slapped the strict National Security Law (NSA) against Khan on February 13 at night, hours before he was expected to leave Mathura prison, four days after Aligarh's chief judicial magistrate I granted him bail on February 10.