Tenali Rama: Krishna Bharadwaj will play a double role in the show; shoot to teaser like 'Rama'

The actor Krishna Baradwaj of Tenali Rama shall now be seen playing the role of Tenali Rama krishna aka Rama, and his son Bhaskar. After the show’s plot took a twenty-year leap, Krishna has been playing Bhaskar on the show but disguised as Tenali Rama.

Krishna said to make a dual function is hectic and he has to first do the scenes of one character and later the other one. He had to change costumes and work on two different sets. After Rama’s character returning on the show, he shall be seen playing the dual function in one scene. Until now Rama and Bhaskar were never seen together in one scene.

Krishna said that when he shot for promotion as Rama, he felt a spark since Rama's aura is strong and divine.

The viewers have wanted Rama back since his character was out from the plot for quite some time. Now that Tenali Rama is going to be back, more of father-son relationship between him and Bhaskar will be seen on the show. Rama’s mother, Amma played by Nimisha Vakharia It will also make a comeback.

Talking about his journey as Tenali Rama, Krishna said that it has been a great experience for him to play different characters. He revealed that he had to shave his head for being Rama, and then he grew his hair for the role of Bhaskar. He had to shave his head again since Krishna is going to be back as Rama.

The actor added that he misses the previous cast because he has spent the maximum time with them. After the 20-year leap, the cast has changed and new characters were introduced to the show, while some old characters still remained. Pankaj Berry, Shakti Anand, Manav Gohil and Vishwajeet Pradhan also play key roles in the program.