Jagan should be careful with his friendship with KCR, says former deputy G Vivek

TIRUPATI: Former member of Parliament and BJP, G Vivek Venkataswamy, warned the Prime Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jaganmohan Reddy Be cautious with your Telangana counterpart. The former parliamentarian made interesting comments about the bonhomy between the main ministers of the two Telugu-speaking states during their pilgrimage to Tirumala on Monday.

Speaking to reporters after offering prayers to at Tirumala, Vivek Venkataswamy said many believe that AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy and are very close friends.

But AP CM YS Jagan should know that KCR has no permanent friends. KCR has a habit of making friends with people just to make use of its services and resources and finally get rid of them once it's over, he stressed.

The former deputy alleged that irrigation projects and liaison projects were being executed by KCR in the state of Telangana only to earn commissions that he believed the CM of Telangana would use to promote his own political interests in the state.

Meanwhile, the film producer and BJP official of Andhra Pradesh, Ambika Krishna, expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the darshan that is provided to Srivani donors in the Tirumala temple.

Speaking to journalists in Tirumala on Monday, Ambika Krishna said that donors who donated Rs 10,000 to Srivani's trust were not receiving the right darshan by the Tirvala Devasthanams. This darshan is no different from the free darshan that is provided to ordinary devotees, he was enraged.

Ambika Krishna said he would file a complaint with TTD President YV Subba Reddy and ask him to reintroduce the previous darshan VIP rest system at the Tirumala temple.